Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Sanctity of Marriage

Marriage, all too often, is referred to as nothing more than a piece of paper pushed upon us by the state. A good friend of my wife, now on her third marriage – marriage being a stretch – indicated that she had no desire to be married to the state.

Why? Because of the cost associated with divorce and separation. Not the emotional cost, but the financial cost. Rather than solidify this third marriage by getting the state’s permission she has chosen simply to dwell with this individual.

Marriage is much more than an agreement between a man a woman and a government. It is much more than dwelling in the same house. It is much more than an economic bond. It is much more than an outdated social construct permitting sexual intercourse.

Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man, a woman, and God. It is a commitment between individuals that they are willing to enter into a contract to provide a loving home for the spirit children of God the Father during their probation on the Earth.

So many psychological and social problems arise out of homes where people begin their families without giving consideration to the great responsibility which they are undertaking. Too often individuals who started out with the best of intentions buckle under the pressures of life rather than staying the course and in the process their children find themselves without a structured family support system to see them reach their dreams.

Choosing to live with a person rather than marry them is saying in a clear voice that the needs and desires of the children that will come from the relationship are unimportant. That having an economic or emotional escape route planned is preferable to the effort required to nurture the next generation.

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