Sunday, March 22, 2009

Toning Down The Decibel Level

There are homes out there (from apartments to shacks to mansions) where there is altogether too much of the wrong kinds of noise. I’m not talking about playing the music too loudly. There is a time and place for that. I’m talking about the voices raised in unkind words towards spouse and offspring.

Are there really any words that need an increase in volume in order to make them more effective? Does anyone you know really respond better when they are shouted at?

Most of use really hate being yelled at. It makes us feel belittled and puts us on the defensive. The verbal assault can be more devastating to our self esteem than any other failure we experience in life.

If this is common in your home, then the challenge would be to go through a day or two or three or a month without raising your voice above a normal speaking tone, as if you were addressing your boss or a police man or some other person to whom yelling would bring dire consequences.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gratitude For Your Spouse

Are you grateful for your spouse? After the time you have spent, are you thankful that he or she was there for you? Are you grateful that they work or clean or tend to children? Have you thought about that little task that they did which they didn’t really have to do?

Did you say thank you?

Did you respond in kind?

Do you work just as hard to make things nice at home?

Showing gratitude to any person is a sign of respect and admiration. Over the years it is very easy to get used to a person or to simply come to expect that they will accomplish their tasks without prompting. The grind of the daily routine does not make it any easier or any more commonplace. Each individual still deserves a measure of gratitude.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Leave a Note For Your Spouse

The challenge of the day is to leave a little note for your loved one. It need not be something large or elaborate, but something special and dear to the both of you.

Place it somewhere it will be found as a surprise. There is no need to be obvious about it or to make a big deal (especially if this is something new for you). Just leave it where it will be found and let nature take its course.

Take time to make it as special as you can. If you have only a few minutes, then use them as best you can. If you have an hour, then pour a bit more of your heart into it. Perhaps a touch or scent or color will help.

Whatever you do, make it personal and offer it up with devotion and care.